Artist Gallery: Gail Eckberg

Trying different media keeps me from getting a ‘painters’ block’.  It provides opportunities to explore how each medium handles. Each has its characteristics of ‘feel and texture’. They apply and react differently and different surfaces provide another exciting factor. For me, it is an adventure each time I walk into my studio, “Galleria of Design”. My favorite medium is usually the one I am working with, at that time. Often a subject/location ‘dictates’ to me as to what medium I use, for a composition. Painting plein air is something I truly love doing, being outdoors, sometimes near people, engaging in the sights first hand, the smells and sounds of the area. Since living on the Maine seacoast, the ocean is still a passion that is constantly with me. New England holds so many beautiful spots so close, (as they say, only a tank away), and although I love traveling the world and painting scenes in other countrysides and city scenes, it is always comforting to come back home again, to an area so abundant with beautiful locations.  Subjects are endless and I never know what will draw me to paint one of them, as there are ‘paintings’ everywhere! I let nature talk to me; and I listen.

Having shown my work in numerous juried exhibits, being validated with often selling pieces, holding numerous art awards from R. I., Maine, Massachusetts, and Roma Italy, work held in private and public collections, both here and abroad, there is never a boring moment in my life.

Yet the most important achievement, closest to my heart, are my three sons, three grandsons, and granddaughter.

Find more of her original art on her Galleria of Design Studio website.

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