Artist Gallery: Daydre Hamilton

Captivated by the way patterns, textures, and light reflect on objects, my work focuses on capturing those reflections on paper.  Most of my paintings start with a series of photographs.  To achieve a more abstract appearance, the subject is shot close up, at unusual angles, and then arranging and rearranging objects, materials and flowers until I find a pleasing composition.  When the brush hits the paper, I am fascinated by the way watercolors mingle together creating exciting new colors. Once I’ve started a painting, it’s hard for me to put down the brush.  I can’t wait to see where the process will lead me.

Art has always been Daydre’s passion.  She attended Endicott College where she took classes in Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, and Pottery.  She started out as a potter, expanded into sculpture, before finding her way to Watercolors.  Her award winning work has appeared at various galleries and shows throughout New England.

Daydre is a Franklin resident and can be reached at by e-mail at You can view more of her work at

News about Daydre’s art:

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