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Hans was born in Vienna, Austria, where he also grew up. in charge of the USIS photo unit located in Vienna. Growing up, Hans was exposed to photography almost on a daily basis because his father, Hans Nagl, Sr., was a professional photographer. Even when his father returned home after work photography was somehow included into the evening routine. This came in form of lens and camera maintenance, dark room activities, or, preparation for an official photo outing to countries back then located east of the iron curtain.

The camera, which Hans started to admire, was his father’s Leika M2, a precision camera to this very day. But it would be a long time until he would be allowed to handle this beautifully crafted instrument. First, there was a Kodak Instamatic followed by an indestructible Russian Zenit-E 35 mm camera opening the gates to unlimited experimentation and a lot of wasted photo paper in his dad’s darkroom.

In 1984 Hans moved to the United States from Austria and mostly lived in the Philadelphia, Pa area where he graduated from St.Jospeh’s University and Penn State University.  He also lived in Tokyo as an executive recruiter for about 1.5 years where he met his wife Naoko.

Hans and his family, including daughter Shiori, moved to Franklin in early spring 2013. Currently he is mostly interested in landscape and nature related photography. In his mind, there are unlimited stories and messages embedded  in photos portraying our beautiful world. Listening to a photo and seeing what it has to say is what makes this art of photography so interesting to him.

Hans uses mostly Nikon equipment, and, occasionally his father’s Leica.

Professionally Hans is employed in the Pharmaceutical industry on the commercial consulting side.  Because of his interest in visual arts, and, to meet many like minded people Hans and his wife joined the Franklin Art Association.

Hans maintains a photo blog which can be found at E-mail:

News about Hans’ art:

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