Artist Gallery: Mireille Eastman

The year I turned 21, I lived in a small room on the top floor of a fancy building in the 9eme arrondissement.  I took care of an eight-year-old boy and attended classes at Saint Denis.  I was afraid to go out because my French was not very good.  Often I was alone in my room at night, feeling isolated and cold.  My little space heater was insignificant compared to the damp cold of the Parisian winter creeping through my slanted roof-top window.  A shoe store used an alley down the street for its garbage, where I found bundles of cardboard boxes.  These were my first canvases.  I poured my solitude into colors and shapes spread on old pieces of cardboard.  And so it began…

My first “church” painting started with the image of the little chapel close to my grandmother’s old house in Brasov.  I loved sneaking off to visit this place in my childhood.  This began a relationship with my tangled Romanian roots through painting.  When I paint I am not bound by a place, a time, an identity.  Through these images I can enter into this undefined place and experience glimpses of a reality that exists in my heart.

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