Member Information

Submissions for Artist Galleries

Artists can submit between 3-20 images of their art for posting in their member gallery.

  • A short (one paragraph) artist statement/bio for the main gallery page and a longer (2-3 paragraph) full bio for the direct artist gallery page
  • A minimum of three images is recommended, a maximum of 20
  • Images should be in JPEG format
  • Images should be 72 dpi
  • Recommended size is minimum 500 pixels on the shortest dimension to a max of 800 on the longest dimension
  • File names should be in the format: Lastname-Firstname-Name-of-the-Artwork.jpg
  • Include the title of the work and any short description of the work, such as the media or how you were inspired.  You may also wish to specify SOLD or NFS as appropriate.
  • Identify which image you would like for the thumbnail on the gallery list page

Send the submissions to