Congratulations Fall Show Winners

Congratulations Fall Show Winners!

Best in Show

Sue Sheridan – “Twirling” (Watercolor)

People’s Choice

Daydre Hamilton – “Reflections III”


1st: Aivars Zandbergs  “Stand Tall”
2nd: Frank Robinson – “Green Light”
3rd: Portia Tang – ” Dusk Glow”
HM: Diane Choquette – “End of Season”
HM: Stephanie N. Miksis – “Rocky Coast”
HM: William Wallhausser – “Water Lilies”

Calligraphy/Mixed Media

1st: M. Beth McGaw – “Alighting”
2nd: Karen Pendleton – “Butterfly Series #3”
3rd: Claire Griffin – “Woven”
HM: Gail Eckberg – “Dream Gone Wild”
HM: Diana C. Maley – “Fishing Daze”


1st: Joanne Willoughby – “At Least We Have Each Other”
2nd: Stacy David – “Beach Buddies”
3rd: Carol Frieswick – “End of Summer”


1st: Rebecca Skinner – “Desolation”
2nd: Marjorie S. Sardella – “Autumn Retreat”
3rd: Dale Hoopingarner – “Centerpiece”
HM: Judith Belben – “King of the Jungle”
HM: Hannah Liverant Close – “Dusky Light”
HM: Nancy Metto – “Birthday Party”


1st: Robin Wessman – “Shore Road”
2nd: Dick Fotland – “Shack in Green and Brown”
3rd: Tina Guarino – “The Last Breath of Fall”
HM: Adele Corrigan – “DelCarte, Franklin”
HM: Helene Mohn – “Morning Light”
HM: Kristina Occhino – “Glowing”


1st: Jerry Aissis – “It’s a Jungle Down There”
2nd: Daydre Hamilton – “Big Red”
3rd: Kathe Kirchmyer – “Spring on Monhegan”
HM: Kristin Morrill – “The Abbey Cloister”
HM: Nancy Olson – “The Old Curiosity Shop”
HM: Michele Pearce – “Hawaiian Honus”

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