Congratulations to all of our Fall Show winners!

Best In Show

Rebecca Skinner with her photograph “Gone”

Water Media

1st – Jerry Aissis, “Parthenon at Sunset”
2nd – Susan Pratt Sheridan, “Moon Shadow”
3rd – Daydre Hamilton, “Clementines”
Honorable Mention – Kathe Kirchmeyer, “Morning on the Charles”
Honorable Mention – Deb Ryan, “Thanksgiving Parade”
Honorable Mention – Aivars Zandbergs, “The Collection”


1st – Don Iacovelli, “No Girls”
2nd – Stephanie N. Miksis, “Bridge Path”
3rd – William Wallhausser, “The Vine Tender”
Honorable Mention – Lisa Bailey, “Night Drive”
Honorable Mention – Mireille Eastman, “Tatar Mosque II”
Honorable Mention – Frank Robertson, “Someday”

Mixed Media

1st – Sarah Alexander, “Impact”
2nd – Claire Griffin, “Exemplar”
3rd – Gail Eckberg, “Visibly Invisible”
Honorable Mention – Mireille Eastman, “Union Baptist Church”
Honorable Mention – Diane M. Padula-O’Neill, “Fall into Winter”
Honorable Mention – Aivars Zandbergs, “The Musician”


1st – Stacey David, “The Snowman”
2nd – Carol Frieswick, “West Hill Path”
3rd – Joanne Willoughby, “Deer Tracks”
Honorable Mention – Bob Kalinoski, “River Bend Bridge”


1st – Judy Belben, “Plum Island”
2nd – Marjorie S. Sardella, “Ground to a Halt – Freight House Antique Shop”
3rd – Rebecca Skinner, “Black Point”
Honorable Mention – Joan Callahan, “The Eagle”
Honorable Mention – Dale Hoopingarner, “Ephemeral”
Honorable Mention – Hannah Liverant Close, “Tom’s Neck Native”


1st – Elizabeth Havens, “The Appalachian Trail”
2nd – Bob Kalinoski, “Reflections of Pewter”
3rd – Adele Corrigan, “Misty Field, Rockport, MA”
Honorable Mention – Helene Mohn, “Morning Flight”
Honorable Mention – Susan Pratt Sheridan, “Adele’s Passion”
Honorable Mention – Joanne Willoughby, “Innocence”

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