Congratulations Winners in the Spring FAA Art Show!

Congratulations to all of the winners in the Spring 2014 Franklin Art Association Show!

Best in Show – Robin Wessman, “Stapling Stones”



1st Place:”T-Straps” by Stephanie Miksis
2nd Place: “Corsini’s Garden, Italy” by Elizabeth Havens
3rd Place: “September Light” by Aivars Zandbergs
HM: “Butterfly Pond” by Frank Robertson
HM: “Will’s Pond” by Don Iacovelli
HM: “Sail Into Spring” by Lisa. G. Bailey

Mixed Media

1st: “Remedy” by Sarah Alexander
2nd: “Untitled” by Carol Fireswick
3rd: “Where Tree Fairies Play” by Gail Eckberg
HM: “Raven at Grand Teton” by Karen Pendleton
HM: “Church at Sinaia” by Mireille Eastman
HM: “Neglected Asian Garden (Elm Bank)” by Sarah Alexander


1st: “Amelia Island, GA, Pulp Mill” by Dick Fotland
2nd: “Morning Has Broken” by Susan Pratt Sheridan
3rd: “Sandy Path on Block Island” by Adele Corrigan
HM: “The Room:” by Donna Merrill


1st: “Red Barn” by Joanne Willoughby
2nd: “Moonlit Marina” by Gail Eckberg
3rd: “Mont St. Michel” by Stacy David
HM: “Over New Mexico” by Bernie Nichols
HM: “Jenny at 93” by Robert Kaliniski
HM: “Spring Colors” by Joanne Willoughby


1st: “Tossed Out” by Rebecca Skinner
2nd: “Cabbage Harvest, Croatia” by Richard Cook
3rd: “Sunrise #1 Nantucket” by Karen Pendleton
HM: “Time” by Rebecca Skinner
HM: “Seasonings” by Dale Hoopingarner

Water Media

1st: “Coming and Going” by Jerry Aissis
2nd: “Lionfish and Coral” by Kristina Occhino
3rd: “Tea Time” by Daydre Hamilton
HM: “Iris” by Sarah Bavaria
HM: “Out to Pasture” by Daydre Hamilton
HM: “Gossip” by Lisa G. Bailey

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